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I’ve been lazy. I was nearly sticking to my deadlines till I decided to come to Malta.  That’s the closest place I’ve got to home – I’m a nomad and I’ve never truly felt home anywhere in this world (closest places are scenes of natural beauty with people I love, China, Germany, Edinburgh, Malta, Dubai, Libya, all have touched me).  Malta has got my parents and old friends.  I’ve learnt many things, which friends I was closest to and were most special to me. How I’ve changed since I left Malta four years ago. How my parents have changed. How I love the new house – I can actually go for walks and take pictures of beautiful things:

I’m enjoying the return and it’s teaching a lot about myself.

This is all me, me, me, me what about thesis, thesis, thesis? Ha! 3 weeks after I was meant to start and this is the only week I’ve managed to actually get some work done.

Materials and methods: 90% done, 1st draft (Francesca – the post doc who rescued my PhD – suggested a lot of changes so I had to notch it down from 100% to 90% – I hadn’t been slacking off that much!)

Mitochondria Chapter: 70% ready.

Figures for all Chapters 60% ready.

Meeting deadlines: 1 month late…

A month a whole bloody extra month. I’m pretty pissed off with myself. Will that provide motivation, will I finally sit down, switch of twitter, facebook, msn, skype, emails and get cracking on it. Hardcore cracking, that’s What i’m referring to. Will power! That’s what I need, but how do you force yourself to do something you do not want to do. Now that’s something to ponder. Or is it another desperate attempt at procrastination?



Yes you guessed it, my dad has finally managed to convince me to read certain chapters of The Sinner’s Guide by the Venerable Louis of Granada.  I’ll be posting some comments and experts from this endeavour.  I hope this will keep me sane.

To wet your appetite the first chapter indicated for me is, Remedies against Lust, divided into two chapters: General Remedies and Particular Remedies. I wonder which ointments I’ll have to use.

I’m doing this to keep myself sane, I really try to bear no grudges against religion.  If it helps some people to cope with this world, why should I steal that from them?

Yours Truely, ED

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