Monthly Archives: July 2010


Delirious mindsets force us to unequivocal concepts.

Happiness is delineated by mystical veils.


The widow cries

A man dies

A lonely lust

Devious delight.


We All dream of insolence in beautiful mindset.

Concepts coalesce forming useless beauty.


Leaning hand

Bent form


Velvet glove.


The blood-red sunset shrouded the scene.

Politicking determined their unalluring faith.


Clasped hands

Mischievous smiles

Broken doors

Police Beckon.


The government has a right to what happens in the bedroom.

State welfare is burdened by unwanted offspring.


Social demise

Iron fist

Stubborn mindset

Illicit trysts.


What you say, What you think is wrong.

A black shroud falls on creativity.


Gears clog

Engines sputter

Society stalls

Conservative smiles.


Nothing changes here,

we’re all happy,

we’re all right,

we’re all free,

said the politicians’ glum children.




Edward Duca, 2010.

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