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A fantastic new funding opportunity for artists to get creative with science-inspired ideas. Looking forward to reading all of your fantastic ideas.

Science Event Running 28th September, 2012

Submission for Art Installation

Aims:        1. To show how science is all around us and that researchers are normal human beings with an extraordinary job.

2. To develop art inspired by a scientific concept or idea, perhaps even science happening locally.

3. Interaction with the public

4. Located between the streets and buildings of St. James Cavalier, St. George’s Square and possibly Manoel Theatre in Valletta, Malta

Pluses, but not essential:

art can be replicated in more than one street

It can be retained longer than one night (around one week— a month)

What we need from you (1–3 pages long—short and sweet):

Art Project Summary — most important part to showcase your idea, focus on what is most important for your project.

Background and objectives —  details on the theory developed, scientific theory it is based on or exploring

Execution (Methods) — location, type of art, what it consists of

costings (including breakdown of costs) — materials, hours and so on. In Euros, inc. VAT.

Evaluation — How would you gauge if the audience liked it, and how much did they take back from it. This will need to be co-ordinated with the whole event, but have a think about it, it might not be feasible depending on the artwork.

Outcomes — how many people are you expecting to reach, target audience, what will audience take from the art.

Deadline: 1st December 2011 (extended till 8th December). Proposal will then be chosen by the board to be sent for funding. The result of the funding would be received by end of February.

Types of Art accepted: anything innovative and creative.

Contacts: please send your proposals to: For more information: Lily Agius (; Mob: 9929-2488) or Edward Duca ( ; Mob: 9923-9974).

Selection of proposals it will be judged on:

Location — in Valletta and close to the main events
Science — how well-grounded/inspired by science?
Innovation (creativity) — how artistically creative and ground-breaking is the idea?
Cost — not necessarily the lowest, but cost-effective considering what is being provided
Reach — how many people are reached by the art

Most Weight will be given on the Science and Creative criteria.


Please sign and date your proposal

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